Zineth 43509 3.5.0

Fast paced, colorful platformer


  • Addicting combo system
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Rewind and fastfoward abilities
  • Tons of challenges


  • Difficult controls with mouse and keyboard
  • More a proof of concept than a full game


Zineth is colorful platformer that was developed by a team of students.

Zineth is a difficult game to describe. It is more of an experience than an actual game, since this is a project by a bunch of students. There is a lengthy tutorial when you first launch Zineth. Although the learning curve isn't too high, perfecting your technique in the game is extremely challenging. You move, jump off ramps, grind rails, and ride walls. Timing is everything.

The soundtrack to Zineth is spectacular, reminiscent of music from Rez and Bit.Trip Runner. Fast paced electronic music makes you want to keep the rhythm while making your way through levels at break neck speeds. While players can't die in Zineth, you can fall to the bottom of the level, forcing you to replay the level. The developers though that this would be distracting and thankfully included buttons to rewind and fast forward so players aren't brutally punished playing a level over and over again.

There are missions, challenges, and Twitter integration within the game, enough to keep this game entertaining for a while. One thing that is sorely lacking in Zineth is a story. While no story is really needed, it would have been nice to see a more fleshed out world with characters to care about.

Overall, Zineth is an extremely challenging and fun game, which is impressive as it came from the minds of a handful of students.



Zineth 43509 3.5.0

User reviews about Zineth

  • by Anonymous

    This game is incredible. I love the sound track, the gameplay, the free roam, its all ...   More